Styles to Dress for Ladies Sangeet

If you are the bride, bride’s sister, or a friend, looking for a dress for ladies Sangeet, we bring you these ideas to flaunt this season.

1. Lehenga

When it comes to wedding functions, you really cannot go wrong wearing a lehenga. It is one of the most graceful outfits that are perfect for an Indian celebration. Opt for a piece in vibrant hues for a festive look. Brides, bridesmaid, or guests can instantly grab all the attention wearing a chic lehenga. A chic lehenga is hands down one of the safest and trendiest dress for ladies Sangeet. Available in endless cuts and styles you can find a dress for ladies Sangeet as per your liking and taste without fretting much.

2. Long skirt with a crop top

A long skirt with a crop top is a versatile outfit that one can wear at any pre-wedding function. You can choose to cover it with a dupatta for a more traditional look or leave it as it is for an Indo-western appeal. Besides, having worn a long skirt you’ll be able to swirl and twirl and get that perfect shot for all your social media accounts.

3. Anarkali dresses

Although Anarkali dresses are suitable for any wedding occasion, they are a very comfortable choice of dress for ladies Sangeet. These dresses look very dressy and are quite hassle-free. Besides, you’ll be able to bring to life your long dreamt moment of playing the real-life Umrao Jaan.

4. Dhoti pants

Dhoti pants are a definite stylish throw for a Sangeet ceremony. It can be styled in different ways with crop tops, kurtas, and more. Pair it up with a floor-length shrug to make a bold statement.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Dress for a Sangeet

With so many options available, finding the right dress for ladies Sangeet can be a daunting task. Irrespective of your role on the occasion, there are a few things to consider. We list them for you.

1. What kind of an occasion is it?

Find out if it is a more cocktail party kind of an event or is it a relaxed Sangeet cum Mehendi kind of a ceremony. This will help to narrow down your list better and plan your outfit wisely. For a cocktail based Sangeet, consider ditching the traditional outfits and go for an Indo-western fusion like an ethnic gown or a dhoti-choli.

On the other hand, if you’re combining the Mehndi and Sangeet together, you can enjoy the flexibility of wearing any kind of dress. Also, make sure to find out if it’s a themed event, like a Bollywood theme party. So, get going and build your Sangeet wardrobe with this beauty!

2. Ease of movement

This one is very important especially when it comes to a Sangeet ceremony. Outfits like a saree are not ideal if you are going to perform on the stage or plan to party the whole night. Opt for a free-flowing, comfortable outfit in which you can dance the night away.

3. Will you be performing on the stage?

If the answer is yes, consider wearing something that’s a little more attention-grabbing than the usual as all the eyes will be set on you. Add a little pop of colour to instantly uplift everyone’s mood and light up the stage. Outfits that are heavily embellished are not necessary but a bit of glitter will add to the grace while performing.

Styling Tips for Ladies Sangeet

1. Wear a statement piece

Add something to your look to take it a level beyond. Think of accessories like a headband, polka necklace or some other hair jewellery to make an impact. If you are the bride, one-sided Maang Tikka or a studded tiara is all you need to make you look like a princess!

2. Keep the makeup simple

If there is only one occasion where the bride-to-be can opt for minimal makeup, this is it. Also, all your other girlfriends that are close to you will be most likely wearing heavy makeup on the big day and the preceding functions. So for the Sangeet ceremony, keep it to basic and let your dress do all the talking.

3. Style your hair-

Although you have the freedom to choose any kind of a hairstyle, we recommend letting your hair loose, as a bun can get messed up while dancing. Depending upon the length of your hair, choose a hairstyle like a fishtail braid, waterfall plait, or simple wavy or straight hair. Just make sure whatever you choose, it complements your looks.

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